Is Home Inspection Worth the Effort?


Is Home Inspection Worth the Effort?

While there is no law in the US that stipulates or mandates that you should conduct an inspection when buying or selling a home, it is advisable to have an inspection before closing the real estate sale or before committing to a purchase of the house. It is always a great idea.

The reason for this idea is not far-fetched. You need a professional to look at the physical structure of the home you intend to buy, to check for any defects that need to be corrected, replaced or fixed. If you purchase a house blindly, you may have so much regret in the end due to disappointing findings later on.

So are you in need of a house inspector? Do you have a house you intend to buy and need a professional oversight? 

A professional home inspector will analyse the structure both the interior and the exterior and give an honest review. They have great eyes to scrutinize foundation and basement, interior plumbing systems, interior electrical systems, heating and cooling systems. An experienced home inspector will ascertain the condition of the windows, doors and door frames. Conditions of the floors, wall ceilings and stairs will not escape our notice. Sometimes, people do not know the state of the attic of the house they want to buy. Your home inspector will check the attic and analyse the exterior of the structure too, even trees if present are considered in the review.

It is important to hire a house inspector for a thorough check on the structure before you sign the contract and at the latest before you close.

Although the price for house inspection may not be cheap, they are still affordable considering that this is one of your biggest investments and in our opinion, worth the money. 

If the inspection results in defects in the home structure, we at Barr Agency will help you negotiate the best possible option either refund of the cost of repair or deduction of the cost of repair from the cost of the structure, also known as credit.  We will study your contract and fix the problem accordingly. 

Not sure where to find a relaible home inspector? Talk to your real estare agent, we have a quite a few people that we believe do their job extremely well.